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How To Start Saving On Your Car Insurance?

Our process is unique, simple and easy enough to understand. It's really just 3 steps.

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Provide some basic information about yourself and your vehicle in order to get you the most competitive quote.

Our software will then automatically provide personalized quotes from up to 13 companies in 2 minutes timed.

We will present these quotes to you and you have to do is pick the one you like or fits you best.

How Does Florida First Insurance Work?

We take all the information that you provide regarding yourself and your vehicle and compare it in real time to our live feed that is connected to dozens of top insurance carriers. This results in a list of quotes that are specific to your personal needs and are from carriers that are willing to insure you.

Why is it so important to have personalized results? The case has been too often where you spend many hours filling filling endless documentation just to find out there is no relevant policy or getting declined for insurance. Florida First Insurance platform makes sure you are presented with the top options in one place.

This quoting service is free and you are never obligated to buy the presented policy

Reviews &Testimonials

We already represent the largest insurance companies in Florida, a key competitive advantage in always providing our customers with the lowest possible rates.

"I was with my previous agent 15 years before changing to Florida First Insurance resulting in a savings of $485 per year."

"We recently moved to Florida 7 months ago. We were paying $850 per year with State Farm and now we pay $603 with Florida First."

"Our agent always told us that there wasn't a better price for our family. Dariel took us from paying $515 monthly to $325."

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